Best helmet for scooty | Best buying guide 2022

Today in this article I’m going to tell about top 5 best helmet for scooty. A helmet is very important to run a two wheeler.If you do not put on a helmet.There can two major disadvantages.

  1. The first disadvantage is that your invoice may get cut.
  2. If you have an accident then you can get hurt and you can also die.

But instead of their safety, people apply helmets for money safety.We put on helmets to avoid the traffic police.

But our accident can happen. Its idea does not come to our mind. When we have bought a new bike or Scooty, then we should also buy helmets of good company.

Best scooty helmet for rider

When we buy a new bike Scooty, the idea of ​​a helmet comes to our mind.When you are thinking about buying helmet,

After reading this article completely, you will know what quality should be in the helmet which saved our head.

you should buy the helmet with ISI mark.ISI marked helmets are now available for two wheelers.ISI helmets are manufactured at very good levels. And safety is more in these.Whenever you buy a helmet, you must remember.

While buying a helmet for scooty, you should also test the quality and scratch of the helmet at a good level.

It should have an ISI mark.

  • According to BSI,The maximum weight of the helmet should be 1.2kg.
  • And should be at least 700 grams. If your helmet’s weight is more than 1.2kg.And you travel every day. A heavy helmet will slowly cause discomfort in your neck.
  • If the weight of the helmet is less than 700 grams then it will not be able to keep your head safe after being an accident.

How will the test be?

Lock the helmet you want to buy, Lock it buckle, then pull it comfortably.If there is no scratch stitching in the helmet

And the locker of the buckle also does not open.So this means quality is good. Heli bearing ISI mark is tested by pulling with a strength of 200 KG. So you have to pull with strength.

wiser of helmet for scooty rider.

The helmet’s visor should be of good fiber instead of glass.

when you buy a helmet for scooty, grind it once with a nail, if there is a scratch or scar on it, do not buy it at all.Because its quality is very useless,

and plastic fiber visor helmets should not be bought at all, as their quality deteriorates over time, and we don’t see clearly when we drive.

How do you test the new helmet visor? You punch it hard, if it breaks then it is absolutely useless and if it does not break then it is good.

EPS of helmet for scooty rider

While purchasing a helmet, you must also check the EPS of the helmet.EPS means Expanded Polyestyrene. Expanded polystyrene is called thermocole layer inside the helmet.

The thermocol applied above the head is very useful during an accident or when it falls. If its quality is good then we have very less chance of getting hurt,

how will you check its quality?

You will check the quality by pressing it with your finger.If the thermocole is pierced then its quality is useless,

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you do not have to buy the helmet at all, if there is no hole in it by pressing it, then its quality is good, its EPS Good you can buy helmet.

What are the types of helmets?

There are many types of helmets, but today I am going to tell you about five such best scooty helmets which are used in many places.

1. Best half helmet for scooty

 Top helmet for girs

This type of helmet may or may not have a visor. This is best ladies helmet for Scooty. Women more use this type of helmet, Because it can be easily kept in scooty.

2. Best open face Scooty helmet

 helmet for scooty

Open face helmet Such helmets cover the head ears and half the face. Although half the face is covered by the visor, but such a helmet has more chances of injury to the face.

3. Best full face scooty helmet

Low price helmet Rider

Such helmets cover our entire face. This type of helmet is considered to be the safest, one of the advantages of this helmet is that the front air does not appear in this helmet while driving. So this is Best helmet for Scooty.

4.Modular or flip up helmet

Best flip up helmet Rider

This helmet is between full face helmet and half face helmet, if you want to cover full face easily

and if you want to cover half face, then its front part can be lifted easily. , It works both ways, you can use it like full face and also like half face.

5.Moto cross helmet

 helmet for scooty

This type of helmet is also known as Off road or MS Helmet. These helmets are made for places where there are sandy roads,

where there is mud, if you drive scooty in a place where the roads are rough, mud is, Dust is the soil, this helmet protects you from getting inside the dusty soil, and it also keeps the head cool, this is the specialty of this helmet.

These were the five helmets. You can buy any one of these helmets for scooty that you like, but should be of good company, should be of good quality.

Things to keep in mind while buying a helmet for scooty
You always have to buy a branded helmet, buy a good company. when you buy a helmet for scooty, check it well, it is not broken anywhere.

Identification of helmet bearing ISI mark

  • Helmet weighs no more than 1.2 KG
  • The helmet weighs no less than 700 grams,
  • The visor of these helmets is strong,
  • Price of the right helmet starts at ₹ 600
  • You don’t have to buy a cheap helmet

You also have to check the backle of the helmet,
And once you check with a helmet, if it is loose, you don’t have to buy it at all and if it is tight then you can buy best helmet for scooty it. It will fit.

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