Best TWS veatool wireless earbuds under 3000 2022

Best tws earbuds under 3000
Best earbuds under 3000

Friends, in this article today, we are going to tell you about the best TWS earbuds Under 3000, out of all the earbuds that I am going to tell you today, it is going to be best for you

  Friends, in this article, I am going to tell you about Total 4 veatool wireless earbuds.

1. Redmi earbuds

If your budget is ₹ 2000 then Redmi earbuds will be good for you
These buds are very good, you will not get a better option within ₹ 2000

Sound – If you talk about its sound, then you get a very good base in it, it is good for those who like to listen to more sound.

Redmi earbuds comes with IP X4 and if you are running you can use it easily

Battery- If you talk about its battery life, then Redmi earbuds will give you a backup of 3 to 4 hours on full charge.

If your budget is ₹ 2000 then Redmi Airbuds S is a good option

2. JBL c100 tws

  These airbuds are for those who use airphones quite rough. These solid earbuds
Its price is ₹ 3000
13 to 14 hours of battery life comes, these airbuds will give you a comfortable battery backup of 5 hours.

  Sound quality – Talking about the sound quality, the sound is good, the base is not much, in your ear it goes deep inside, due to which you get a good environment.
If you are watching movie on Netflix, then you will be able to enjoy yourself comfortably.

But its mic quality is very good, you get a very good mic in it. If you want a good battery life and solid airbuds then jbl c100 tws earbuds will be good for you.


Noise ccolorfit pro 3

3. Realme Buds air neo

This earbuds is completely a copy of Apple but at low prices this earbuds give you very good features.

Its price is ₹ 3000

You also get wireless charging

Sound – It has good sound quality
A great option for those who like to hear sound while working

This earbuds is very good for ₹ 3000, if you want to buy airbuds for PUBG then it will be good for PUBG.
In this, you get a gaming mod. Mic quality is also good.

Battery- If you talk about its battery life, then its battery runs 3 to 4 hours.

People who want airbuds that look like airpots, this is a very good option, these airbuds are available in many colors.

Friends this is very good earbuds for ₹ 3000

Friends, its look and sound quality is very good and battery life is also very good

Design and build quality

Jio ffi m2s

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Best tws veatool earbuds

4. Playgo t44

Friends, its design and quality is very good and friends, its weight is very less.

Sound quality

Friends, if you talk about its sound quality, then loudness is very much found in it.

  Battery life
Friends, you will get 20 hours of battery life comfortably

Friends, these earbuds are very good. People who want good looking earbuds want good sound quality, they want good battery life, this is great for them.

So friends this was t”he best TWS veatool wireless earbuds Under 3000, hope you liked this article

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