How whatsapp makes money | business model

What is business model of whatsapp

today we are going to tell about business model of WhatsApp. To know this you will read article till the end.

Whatsapp massaging history

As we all know, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app. Which is available on a different mobile platform. The company was launched in February 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

Both of these worked at the Yahoo company. After leaving the Yahoo company. He applied to Facebook for job. But both were rejected by Facebook.

The company’s founder Brian Acton hated the ad. Then you must have seen that there is no ad on WhatsApp. Brian Acton was say that any would open our app everyday to see that he saw ads. This app is made for messaging. Then will be only the message.

What was the business model of WhatsApp before Facebook acquire. And what is the business model of WhatsApp after Facebook acquire.

Business model of Whatsapp before Facebook acquire.

When WhatsApp became a company in 2009. It was initially famous, Its downloading increased rapidly. its users were growing very fast. But the founder of WhatsApp did not have such large services to continue the app without generating revenue.

After that they imposed a fee of $1/year in some countries and imposed a $1/year renewal in some countries. Theire imployees were only 40 to 50. So there was not much cost to serve the company. They used to earn well from this.

You are thinking that how much was its revenue when Facebook bought WhatsApp. When Facebook equair whatsApp, the company was able to generate revenue only $100 million in 1 year. And Facebook bought it for $19 billion and the valuation of the company at that time was only $1.5 billion.

But the WhatsApp founders were very clever. They knew that no matter how much demand, Facebook has to buy it. Because WhatsApp was the biggest fork in the way of Facebook created Messenger. Because all the time, everyone prefer WhatsApp on facebook Messenger.

Therefore, the biggest bet was kept was that WhatsApp will never be advertised. Facebook agreed to all the terms and gave 19 billion dollars to the founder of WhatsApp and Facebook bought whatsapp.

Business model of whatsapp after facebook equair

When Facebook bought WhatsApp. First then which subscription fee was completely removed. Now whatsapp is free for life time.

When we create an Facebook Id. Then we don’t pay anything to Facebook, How facebook earns money, Facebook makes money from the ad.

You must have seen that the ad appears when you run Facebook. Companies that want to show ads pay money to Facebook because Facebook has public.

how whatsapp makes money

But you are thinking that how WhatsApp makes money? You are a product in WhatsApp. What is your location, what is your age, what you send, all your things are seen. Whatsapp makes money using our data.

As I want to buy a helmet and I send photos and messages of the helmet on WhatsApp. So I see ad of the helmet on Facebook. Facebook has come to know our interest by using our data, And shows us a related ad.


When Facebook bought WhatsApp. After that it was written in the WhatsApp policy that we can use your data. Now Facebook has a lot of data , because most people use WhatsApp, WhatsApp’s user base is huge.

Then accuse facebook that Facebook is making its advertising good by using WhatsApp’s user base data. He later denied directly that Facebook is not collecting your data from WhatsApp. And many countries of Europe had also lawsuit on WhatsApp that how you can collect data.

After that he made it clear that he is not doing this. He also changed the policy of WhatsApp that we are not collecting data. So now you don’t get to see direct ad. But now a new service is available, Whatsapp business

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Whatsapp Business

This is the second version of WhatsApp. It is used by people who do business. If you have to talk to your customer, then you can use WhatsApp Business. But this version of WhatsApp business is slightly different from the normal user, it has automatic replies.

If you do business, And if any send message you and he wants to buy something, you can send him an automatic reply. This is a premium service made for businessmen. It doesn’t cost any money to send a normal auto reply. If you take WhatsApp premium service then you will have to pay.

So WhatsApp brought a lot of people earlier. Now Whatsapp are making money from the businessman with the help of those people. Whatsapp says businessman that If you want to talk to your customer on WhatsApp then you have to give us extra money for that.

Other way of Whatsapp business model

WhatsApp has also discovered a new way to earn money. He is money transfer of whatsapp. You know there was a news that you can send money using WhatsApp from whatsapp pay or whatsapp money.

A WhatsApp user can send money to another WhatsApp user only through WhatsApp. And maybe take some charge of sending money to whatsapp too, This whatsapp can make money.

So whatsapp is now making money in two ways by not showing the director ad.

1. Whatsapp Business
2. Whatsapp pay or Whatsapp money

WhatsApp can find many more ways to make money later. But this is the main essence that Where are more people on the Internet, there is money.

If there are crores of people on a YouTube channel. Youtuber also makes money there. There are thousands of crores of people on Facebook, it also makes money. Where there is the most user base. There is the most money because any business runs only when there is a customer.

Now I hope you understand that what is business model of whatsapp.

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