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Friends, finally the faug game has been launched, will the military game be able to give free fire and pubg phone, friends, in this article today we are going to tell about who is better in military vs pubg vs free fire.

How is the military game, will it be able to compete with the free car. In this article we will compare all the features of the military game like UI graphics controls, sound etc. But before that we need to understand what is the concept of military game.

The total size of Faug game is 450 MB and you will easily find it on the Android Google Play Store, you can download it from the Play Store. When you open Fauji game after download, you will see Faug logo with background music.When you play the military game, you will see three modes

  • The first is campaign mode
  • The second is team death math
  • Third is free-for-all

For the time being you can play only campaign mode. The concept of the game is very simple, as soon as you play the game, it will tell you about Galvan Valley in Hindi.

When you start the campaign mode, you will get four stages. You have to clear these stages as soon as you move forward while playing the game, it will be more difficult to fight, you will have to use hands and use punch to fight the fight. will have to

Right now you will not get guns in this, for the time being you will not get any guns in campion mode, here you will get swords to fight which you can use to kill animesh

When your player’s power is low in the game, you can increase your player’s power by going to the bomb fire.

The basic concept of the game is to save your soldiers, as you go on clearing the stage, the game gets harder and you can save your team by clearing the last stage.

All the stages you are told in the game are told in Hindi but Animesh talks in English, Hindi language has been used in this game.

To control the game, you have been given a control to move on the right hand.
And there are buttons to punch on the left hand, with the help of which you can hit or punch.
So the game is very simple and the controls are not given to you much.

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Now compare Fauji game with PUBG and Free Fire and see what is the difference between them.

UI (user interface)

On Comparing Fauji Game UI with PUBG and Free Fire
The UI of Fauji game is very simple and easy to understand

If you have played pubg and free fire game then you will find the interface of military game very simple, anyone can understand it easily.

Game graphics

On comparing the graphics of all three games Fauji Pubg and Free Fire

The graphics of military game is similar to the graphics of pubg and free fire, in military game you can increase the graphics like you do in free fire and pubg game


Game sounds

Fauji game has good background sound but not like pubg and free fire sound


On Comparing Controls of Pubg Game Free Fire and Fauji Game

Fauji lags behind PUBG and Free Fire in game controls
In pubg and free fire game you get buttons to jump but unfortunately you don’t get these buttons in military game simple you get moving control and punching buttons are available

If you want to jump or crouch in a military game, you can’t find that button in the controls.


In pubg and free fire games, you get different types of guns and pistols, while in military games you have to use hands to fight.
For the time being you don’t get any gun this pistol in faug game

Game Concepts

You must be well aware of the concept of pubg and free fire game, this is a battle royal game where everyone in Ireland has to land, then lift the gun and white and you can also talk with your team.
But if we talk about Fauji game, Fauji is basically a story life game, it is not a battle royale game, its concept is very simple, it will be liked by children very much.

FAUG game review

You can download Fauji game from play store, some people are calling it useless after playing Fauji game, comparing it with Fauji and Free Fire.

When you open the game after downloading, you will have to add your name, after that a simple interface will appear in front of you.

On clicking on the store, you get to see different types of weapons, ax spear and you can take it from the coin.You will get to see three modes in the military game, you have to click on the start button and click on its button.

After that the game will load, in this you are given the direction on which path you have to run. You have to press continuously to escape, there is very limited control and you can recover your health by going near the fire and can also be recovered.

Faug game review 2022

We had high hopes from Faug game. Everyone was thinking that this game will come and will compete with PUBG but it did not happen.

The tagline of the game is Faug which is based on Indian Soldiers and the language in this game is Hindi, whatever your character speaks, he also speaks in Hindi.

If you don’t like military game then you can wait a little more after update it can be improved and you can download and play it

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