History of amazon and Jeff bezos

Today we are going to talk about the second richest person in the world, who is the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos and history of amazon.

jef bezos qualification

Jeff Bezof has done computer engineering, from the very beginning he was interested in electricity and technology, he had made such a bell in his room that whenever his siblings went to his room, the alarm would sound.
Jeff Bezof was not from a very poor family and not from such a good family either

History of amazon

Amazon company history

At the time when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, no one had thought that online business would go so far that one day people would become dependent on online shopping.

Such a person with very far-sighted thinking changed his company Cadaver to Amazon after a year from his lawyer by changing its name.

Jeff Bezos named his company so different because it is said that the name of the world’s largest river was Amazon, in the same way Jeff Bezos had planned to open Amazon as the biggest trading company.

In June 1994, a business plane arrived while traveling to jof bejof.
They thought open an online book store

Initially Amazon was opened for online book store so that books could be sent online. Later, the Amazon company gradually ganged up and gradually became an e-commerce company.

The Amazon company had gradually taken a huge form, due to which the company could not be run alone, for that other members were also needed, for which a committee was formed and their position and work were handed over to them. Some of the prominent names that followed were Joffe Bezoff, President, Chairman and CEO, John Silly Brown Visiting Caller and Advisor, Tom Elberg Managing Partner, Jamigolelic Partner, Bingodon Partner, Thomas Partner.

How did amazon started history?

Amazon is a company that does not manufacture any item itself, but buys it from different companies at a reasonable price and then sells it according to its own books. Electronic items, items from children to elders, small household items on Amazon. All the big things Mobile computer Groceries and all its related tools Jewelry Motor Vehicle All the smallest and biggest items are available every day there are many offers to buy

In the case of services, many facilities are available like cash on delivery, online payment by card and other facilities are also available. If you do not like the goods or there is some mistake, refund and cashback are also available.

Revenue is also a very good way to earn profits Amazon earns profit by getting some percentage as revenue from any company whose goods it sells.

Before the expansion of any company, the headquarter of that company is opened, after that the company expands for which the branch of that company is opened and such expansion is done.

Processor work

History of amazon company

First of all, Amazon’s headquarter was opened in Seattle, the company expanded itself in different countries according to its need. Open its centers in the form of software development. It has centers in many countries of the world.

Loss Profit is the principle of every small business, in the same way Amazon company had to face many difficulties in the midst of growth. Yet the company maintained its credibility and spread its reputation all over the world, due to which the company has earned more than 600 million in the last years. Not only this, where there is such a problem of employment in today’s time, this company has given jobs to more than 200000 employees, along with promoting e-commerce by giving many facilities day by day, people’s time and money saving both

Nowadays most of the people like to shop online very much, there are many benefits of shopping online like you can easily buy any item sitting at your home without going anywhere, not only this, by doing online shopping you will get many things. But there is also a lot of discount, in view of the increasing popularity of online shopping among the people, many online shopping companies provide many facilities to their customers, one of the facilities is the convenience of Amazon Prime, today we are also going to tell you in this article. That’s how you can take advantage of the convenience of Amazon Prime while shopping online.

Amazon prime service

Amazon Prime is a premium service of Amazon, whose benefits can be availed by anyone by paying some payment, after paying, any person becomes a member of this service, Amazon buyers get many benefits from this service, the same Amazon Prime facility was first of all Amazon The company was started in America, after its success in America, it was also started all over the world, after becoming a member of Amazon Prime, you get many benefits and some of them are as follows.

  • If you become a Prem member of Amazon, you get free shipping on items. Every time you order something, you get that item delivered within a day or two, without any shipping paid If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you have to pay shipping
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  • The second biggest advantage of becoming a member of Amazon Prime is that there is no minimum order facility for you, if you buy an item of even ₹ 100, then you will not have to pay any delivery charge for it, whereas if you buy an item of Rs. If you are not a member, then the minimum order amount is applicable for you, due to which you have to order an item of at least ₹ 500, while for orders less than this, you will have to pay a delivery charge.
  • Prime members will get the benefit of the deal which will be started by Amazon first, as soon as any deal starts, prime members can start taking advantage of it 30 minutes before, the same who is not a prime member, later this can enjoy the heart
  • By becoming a Prime member, not only will you get a lot of benefit in shopping, but you will be able to easily watch any movie or TV show online on Prime Video, you can enjoy these Prime Videos anywhere, not only this, you will also get access to Prime Video. Apart from Bollywood, Hollywood and regional movies will also be available to watch, you just have to have a phone tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone and you can enjoy it by visiting the link given below. https://www.primevideo.com

How to become prime member of Amazon

If you want to become a Prime member of Amazon, then first of all you go to www.amazon.in, by visiting this link of Amazon’s website, you will see TRAI Prime written, click on it, after which a new page will open, you will have to login to that page. Two join will be seen written as soon as you click on it, then another page will open where you will be asked some information, you can become a member by filling the asked information, you will be given free Amazon Prime member for the first 60 days in these 60 days.

If you want to continue this facility after 60 days then you have to pay for it after 60 days trial if you want to retain prime facility then its You will have to pay for this facility in Amazon. You have decided to pay an amount of ₹ 999, after paying this payment, you will become an Amazon Prime member for 1 year, before this payment was ₹ 499 which was increased from October last year to 999 Had done it

Similarly, Amazon progressed slowly and Forbes has released the list of the two richest people of 2018, in which the founder and CEO of e-commerce company Amazon. Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person, Amazon CEO Jeff Send is the world’s richest person. Along with the rich man, Bill Gates has left behind this achievement in his name. His net worth has gone up to $105 billion. Most of his wealth comes from 7.8 million shares of Amazon Amazon. John’s shares are

55-year-old Joffe Bejoff’s life has been quite a struggle since childhood, he has been very active, in childhood, he used to open and reset the things of the house, due to his hard work, today he has become the richest person in the world. It was like when he had money constraints. Childhood also spent with many struggles.

After 1 year of his father’s mother’s marriage, both of them decided to get divorced. The reason for the divorce was his father’s drinking habit when he was 4 years old. Then his mother married Migol Mike for the second time. Migol adopted him legally. His childhood was spent with his maternal grandfather, not his maternal grandfather, he taught him to operate a computer. Since childhood, Jeb was very educated, he always used to study. His parents were very worried, you used to think that their child should not remain only in studies, so they inspired this send to play football.

Jeff always wanted to do something different. After studies, he did jobs in many places but he did not feel like first, he started his own business in his garage, then he thought of naming the company. He named his company Amazon after being inspired by the South American river Amazon. But in 2007, the company achieved a big achievement, their company had become a brand in the online business. After that those who did not look back and went on to take the company forward and today their company’s name is famous all over the world.

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