How to charge phone battery without charger 2020

I’m going to talk about a little trick, I’ve got this one way ,I have a broken black yeah right now it’s about three percent of the budget E is going to die listen as I don’t want to get hit gun it just a USB cable by the other side of the cable which I don’t use it anymore.

This which is a little bit sloppy,I know so what I’ve done here is I I chopped the cable.And I remove the green and the white cables which I think you cannot see.But they are there so I covered it with a little bit of tape you took out tape.

And then you can see here I get some some pieces from from the clip,and then I soldered a red and a black you know that right is the positive.And black is the negative so we zoom in you can see which are the poles of the battery as you can see at the right side is the positive on the left side is the negative.

So we put this out of the way so the thing is if I just let this cable here as you can see the battery moves, so I use this piece of scrap wood that I have around here.And the thing is I try to use it,as a stand or to make some pressure with the budget so I hold it this way.

And now if I push it it doesn’t move you can see and with another piece of good well in fact this one is the bigger one, so I use it to hold the clip like this so right now it just moves when I was really hard so the other thing is. This in front of this stand sorry toes don.

And now I try to carefully consider in which is red and the black cables now where I need to put them. I tried to yeah to push from this little square it does conduct the electricity of okay more or less like that so. As you can see right now and got the cable from flat okay so the thing is carefully without moving the other side which is touching the the battery.


I love this to the charger and this piece of cable to the floor well the one is just holding the water in to prevent from moves. And the cable which was to them okay the thing is as my charger,tell us any kind of letter or something to so many pigs walk you know not have to wait and touch the surface when it hit one it.

how to charge a phone battery without a charger

I know that is really working,So I need to wait something like from five to ten minutes so what I use is this chronometer I just start to measure the time.

And my five minutes later, I will check if it’s getting hot or not and if it’s not – getting hot I I will try to put cables again until it works until I feel that it’s getting hot for me it’s enough I don’t want to get he’d run out to pay 30 years to get fixed this is all crappy smartphone.

I hope you enjoyed this article.I am sorry for my part in years,but I it’s been a long time since the last time I spoke,and yes yeah I’m a little bit rusty you know so sorry for that.

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