Make Money At home online With These 21 Ways To Earn Extra Cash

Today everyone wants to make money online at home, it is easy to earn money from internet And today I am going to tell you 21 easy options from which you can easily make money online sitting at home.

How to make money online at home, If you are a student, you can earn money from these options along with your studies. Out of these 21 options, you will choose the option that give benefits even today and also in the future.

How can make money at home online



When the company hire people who complete the project from home, they get money in exchange, it is called freelancing. That is, you are not a tiedup with a company, there is no employee of a company, the company gives you work, gives you money in exchange for work.

Freelancing industry is going to be 20 to 30 million dollars till 2025, think how much its scope and after Lockdown its demand has increased. What are the things that you can do freelancing, which is the work that you can do from home?

You can freelancing anything which you know. To do freelancing you can go a site like, etc.

2. Become a Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant means that you are assisting someone in his work sitting at home through phone. You can also explore this option, there is a lot to learn in this. Because cause the person you are assisting will give you a lot of knowledge and will share a lot of experience with you.

You can assist in the field in which you want to assist. You can assist in admin, social media, calling etc. Initially, you can send a virtual assistant to someone sitting at home. If you want, you can create your company, you can have many virtual assistants with you and can do full flash business.

3.Online tuition

Online tuition

If you are good at anything that you can teach to juniors, then you can give online tuition. Online education is going to be $319 billion market till 2025 and people have accepted it at the time of Lockdown.
Online education has increased, people have understood that it is cost effective and benefit is also high in it. Today, if you become an online tutor alone, then gradually you can add more tutor in it and make a very big enterprise. And you can earn money online at home.

4.Video influencer

You can become a video influencer. Video is growing very fast, population is increasing, mobile phones are increasing. Because of this, video content is becoming very popular. You must have seen that everyone likes watching a video instead of reading something. 80% of Internet data used through video, imagine how big percentage of Internet goes to video.

You can make related videos of your subject or your hobby, this video can be of cooking, biology. You can teach math, art or you can teach an instrument, you can teach people through video which you know. Means any topic that benefits people and also you, give you experience, increase your expertise, you can make a related video of it.

Make money online at home for free


Blogging earn money online at home.

If you do not want to show your face and you like to write then you can go towards blogging. You can write articles related to your hobby and publish them on the website, you can also create your own website.

Blogging has lots of earning options, you can earn from affiliates, ads. If your passion is writing, the internet is growing and blogging is also increasing, you can go towards blogging.


The trailer of the movie is called Intership. If your career is a movie, you can become an interns. A lot of companies and professionals need a lot of interns. Interns can be in accountancy, it can be in digital marketing, it can be in sales, many companies hire regular interns. You can go to a site like intenshala and apply to the related of whatever your skill and profile.

7.Affiliate marketing

When people buy a product or service at the behest of you, you get its commission. You tell about a product on the blog, on social media, in the video and when people buy that product then you get its commission.You can do affiliate marketing of any product anytime, anywhere.

You look related to your field. If you are doing engineering and you have interest in software, then you can do affiliate marketing of software. You are doing something related to medical, you can be affiliate marketing of health care product, you are doing MBA,and interest in finance, you can do affiliate marketing of financial product. In this way you can earn money sitting at home by affiliate marketing of any product.

8.Google ads

 Earn money online at home from google ads

This option is for those who have interest in digital field. You know how important sales and marketing is for every business, they earn money from them.

Now even small businesses are trying to understand how they can market in digital, how can they come up in Google, how can they bring their business forward in Google Maps, so here comes a huge scope that Business want to go digital but they are unable to go.

So you can become an expert of Google ads from home, you can learn online and give this service to people. You can also freelancing, run ads for companies and earn money sitting at home.

9.Facebook business expert

This service is also like Google ads, Facebook business has many options. You can understand facebook business manager. There are many things in the Facebook business like how ads are run on Facebook Instagram, how is the Facebook marketing cell, how does generate revenue from the page, how makes leads?

Now you can learn it slowly, and you can give its service to people. When you become an ad expert, then you can keep interns with you, you can create your own digital marketing agency. And can make money online at home.

10.Video marketer

Today, every type of business wants to do marketing related to video. Everyone knows that 4G is growing fast and 5G is coming soon, videos are growing. A lot of companies are trying to understand how we can market through videos.

So you can become a video marketer, within which you will understand how made video, how add resources. How take company’s video to people And how that ad displayed on the Internet?


If you know any regional language then you can give translation services, many company and many brands want to get their product translated in other language, some one is trying to make their website in tamil, some one
is wanting to make it in gujarati Some are trying to get it built in French, some are trying to get it done in Arabic, some are trying to get it built in Urdu, some are trying to get it built in Hindi and some in English.

If you have a good command over the regional language, then you can provide translation service on the internet, for this you can also do freelancing, you can provide service from the comfort of your home.

12. Network marketing

There are many such companies in network marketing who made people’s lives and there are many such companies which ruined people’s lives.

If your interest, business, finance, money, product is in these things then you can join any good network marketing company. You can get to learn a lot. You will definitely get information like how people are talked, how relationships are made, how products work, how supply chain works.

Network marketing has a huge role in providing service to every village in India, but before joining any company, you should know about it thoroughly. The company should be right and the company should have a future.

13. Reseller

You can become a retailer. You can take goods from wholesale and sell them online on Amazon Flipkart such e-commerce site. People are already doing these things sitting at home. People are reselling sitting at home. E-commerce is growing rapidly. There will be many people around you who have made a habit of ordering online.

By 2026, e-commerce will become a $ 300 billion industry in India only, so you can also take advantage of this growth.

14.App development

This option is for those people who have interest in technology, computer science, information technology such things. Every person has a hand and a phone has a hand and apps are in the phone. In 2019, there were nineteen hundred crore app downloads in India. Every company every brand is trying to understand how they can make their app and many brands are already making it

You can give free lensing service to many app development company because they need app developers, you can do app development sitting at home.
If there is not much information on this, then you can learn about it first. Its future is that it will be beneficial for life. In this you can send apps directly to the business to the professionals, you can make an app for them. So you can also do freelancing and do your work and also open your own agency. You can make money at home online.

15.Web development

There is a huge scope of web development in small towns, because not everyone has explored it there yet. You can learn it easily after that you can give web development service. Along with this, you can add web development and in future you can also add software development, you can build your business.

16.Meme marketing

If you do not have interest in technology, are creative and have a passion for digital, then you can do meme marketing. Many companies and many brands, many channels reached people through memes. He is seeing that this is a light way to increase his business, that is why meme marketing is gradually increasing.

If you know that you are also a proper agency of meme marketing, then you can give freelancing service sitting at home. If your interest is in creative, digital, social media and modern things, then you can do marketing.

17.Content writer

If you are good at writing, written communication is good then you can become a content writer. A contact writer is needed to create a website. More blogs in advertising
If a content writer is needed, then you can do freelancing of contact writing sitting at home, you can sell your written content.

18.Make money from Copywriting

Another option for those who are good at writing and expressing is copywriting. There is a slight difference between copywriting and content writing, which you can understand.

Content writing is long content that is delivered to the people, written keeping the user in mind. Copywriting is used for advertising, to generate leads, to sell, to convey your point in less words.

This is also an art which you can learn gradually. You can increase your service fee as you keep learning. Some people charge $100-$200 to write an email.

19.Graphic designer

Logo, graphics, design, you can provide all these services sitting at home, that is, you can become a graphic designer. This is also an option in which many companies find freelancers, so you can learn some of its tools, look online and increase your expatize.


If you want, you can also do dropshipping. In dropshipping, you sell the product but you do not have to keep the product with you, you do not even have to send the product anywhere. The wholesaler has a product, you put their product on your site or digital store, you keep a profit on it, people take the product, you forward the order to the wholesaler, he delivers the product to the people.

21.Social media influencer

You can become an Influencer on Facebook or Instagram. You can make your personal brand in any category, any topic, you can create a page there, you can create a handle on Instagram.

Whatever trend is going on on social media, you can build a brand on it. We know that social media congestion has to increase, digital congestion has to increase. So you can become a Social Media Influencer.

These were the 21 easy ways by which you can easily make money online sitting at home. I hope you like these option.

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