How to port jio number in airtel easily 2022

How to port a cell phone number

Are you upset with your network operator? and do you want to port your SIM, how to port jio number in airtel, or how to port airtel number in jio, so today I am going to tell you about it.

If you read this article till the last, then you will know how the sim port is Whether your SIM is of Voda, Idea, Airtel or Jio,You can port it very easily. If your network operator is not giving you good service. So you can leave it, And go to another network operator, And use his service.

How to port Jio number in airtel

Friends, as you know the network remains a huge problem.
Somewhere Airtel runs right, then somewhere Idea runs, then Jio runs right.

We need to send an SMS to port the sim.
Which s.m.s. I am telling you, that idea Airtel is the same for everyone.
Is the same process, not different. You can take the porting code easily by sending SMS and join the company you want to join.

How will get porting code?

how to port Jio number in airtel
Port Jio number in airtel

You have to type this in the massage box PORT SPACE YOUR NUMBER the message box of your mobile. You must enter the number you want to port.
Then you have to send this code to 1900

When you do send this SMS, then you will get the porting code within 1 minute. When you are sending SMS, Then your sim should have balance.
Because sometimes it does not go to SMS tollfree.

Maybe when you put a porting request, then you get a call from the customer care of the company you want to leave, he will say to provide good service, but you do not have to cancel the porting request.

port Jio number by porting code

Now you have got this code, now you have to think about which company we have to go to, which network operator to use the service. Suppose if you are leaving Jio, you took the porting code of Jio. And now You have to go to airtel.

You have to go to your nearest Airtel store, you have to tell them that I am a customer of Jio,I don’t want to use jio’s service anymore.I want to join you.
I have a porting code. You take this porting code and give me a sim of Airtel.
After that you will get Airtel sim.

So how to port a VI number in Jio

How to port Airtel number in Jio

How to port Jio number in airtel

When you get the sim, it will be operational in 2 or 3 days.
It may take a week but TRAI has said that it will take 2 or 3 days to be ported.When your SIM is ported, then you have to do the first recharge from the retailer of that company.

After that you can do it from Paytm or anyone else. If you live in a place where no company has any store, or is far away. But you have to port your SIM, then you can go to the retailer of that company, it will port you and give it to you. But he can charge you somethin

You have to take your base as well. It is very important. If you go to the store or go to a retailer, you have to take Aadhaar, your Aadhaar number

will be put there.

After that your fingerprints will be taken. You can take one finger. Because when we make the Aadhaar card, then all our fingerprints are taken. This verifies that the copy he has given is unique.

One more thing to remember if you have got sim port.So after porting you cannot get ported for 90 days. So before porting you have to remember this. If you have gone to Airtel, and Airtel is running useless than your first sim.
And if you want to port to another company, then you cannot get ported for 90 days.

I hope you now know which SIM port how? and how to port Jio number in airtel, how to port airtel in Jio and how you can port?

If your sim is jio, airtel or any other company and you want to port sim. Then you have to know that In which company you want to port how giving service by company.

How will porting request cancel for phone Number?

If you have entered the porting request and now you want to cancel it, For this, you have to write a SMS CANCEL SPACE YOUR NUMBER and send it to 1900.

This request can now be made as long as the Windows are opened. Its information will be given to you when you send the porting request. You will not receive any refund after getting a porting request cancellation.

Porting Rule for port a phone number

  • Before you took 7 to 15 days to port number. But now you can get it done in 3 to 5 days. This day depends on the porting, what kind of porting you are doing? If you are getting ported in a same circle then it will be ported 2 to 3 days.If you are in Delhi and you are going to another operator in Delhi then you will take 2 to 3 days. But if you are in Delhi and going to Mumbai then it will take 5 days.
  • For porting, you will have to send an SMS in which you will have to write the PORT SPACE YOUR NUMBER and send to 1900. After that you will get the porting code and your number will be ported.
  • This new rule is applicable all over India except Jammu and Kashmir Assam and North East area. If you want to do porting at these three places then it may take you 15 to 30 days.
  • If you have ported your numbers and now you want to port again, you will have to stay connected with the same company for 90 days.You can get ported to another company only after 90 days.
  • Your ownership should not change at the time you are porting.
  • There should be no crime or any application inside your mobile from the court or from the government.

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I hope you understand that how will port your phone number.

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