Jiofi m2s review (2022) | price and features

If you are thinking of buying Jiofi m2s or jiofi 2 price. We are going to talk about Jiofi ms2 review. And you want to know its features. What is the cost of jiofi m2s and Jiofi 2? how does the battery runs? We are going to cover this type of question in this article.

Jiofi m2s review
Jiofi m2s review

Jiofi m2s you get in small packing.This is small product.Therefore, it is given a small packing. When you ton it, it will provide hotspot which through you can connect your different electronic devices like mobile computer laptops, etc. Its model number is jiofi m2s.

jiofi m2s wireless data card review

1.Create on your hotspot

It provides you hotspots by which you can connect your different device.

2.connect up-to 31 devices

When you connect it, you can connect maximum 31 devices at once,which
Quite good.

3.Jiofi m2s Battery

Jiofi m2s runs of battery, battery capacity is 2300 mah. Once If you charge full, it will give backup for 6-8 hours.

4.Jiofi m2s supports micro sd card

Jiofi m2s supports micro SD card up to 32GB. When you insert an SD card into it, check whether it is class10 SD card or not.

5.Enable HD voice call

Through this feature you can make WiFi HD calling from your smartphone.

6.Wireless data sharing through sd card

With the help of this feature, you can share the data of SD card with any device.

Jiofi m2s review

What do you get when you open the packing of jiofi m2s?

First of all gets Jiofi M2s IMEI number after opening the packing, And get three instructions.

The first one has warranty, the warranty period is 1 year 6 months. Now remember one thing, if you are buying it online or offline, then keep the bill with you for 1 year 6 months.If some problem happens to it.Then you can replace it easily.

In other instructions, how to enable Jio 4G Voice HD call, it is all told in this.You will get 4 steps behind this, follow these steps, after that you can easily enable voice and video calls on your mobile.

The third instruction explains how to connect Jio Fi, how to handle it, etc.Once you read it well then you will get the idea how to use it.

After that, Jiofi leaves and under it, you get an adapter and cable to charge jiofi and also get a 2300 mah battery.

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Jiofi 2 features (Jiofi m2s review)

JioFi 2 was launched in 2017, And this is made in china, It is not a product of India. If you will try online or offline, you will get both.

Jiofi m2s price

They did not have such value before lockdown, Previously they were priced from 900 to 1000 rs, but after the lockdown, their price has increased, now you get it online or offline between 1600 to 2000 rs. I will recommend you to visit near Jio store and try maybe something cheaper or get good offers.

3.Sim card included in package?

Wherever you buy Jiofi 2, you will not get a SIM in it,
You have to take the SIM card separately and you also have to do the extra pay that SIM.

If you have a SIM card of normal Jio, then it will also run very easily in it.
You can use it by recharging in it, you can recharge postpaid or prepaid in whatever you have and you can use it.


4. Jiofi recharge plan and monthly cost?

If talk about 2GB / day plan, then you will have to pay 300rs for 1 month. You can also take 1GB / day and 1.5GB / day plan.
But if the speed is coming good in your area then your 2gb net will be over very soon.

If you have a local WiFi operator in your area who provides these connections,So I will recommend you that instead of taking it, get wifi at home.

Any broadband connection is available in your area. You can take it, Because you will get unlimited net between 600 to 1000 rs in broadband connection. But in this you will not get anything unlimited, you will get limited only.Speed ​​will be very slow after over 2GB.

5.Can we connect jiofi 2 to desktop?

We can connect the JioFi2 to the desktop very easily, The cable you get for charging it.You can do easily connect to that cable. If you want to do work-from-home with your desktop, you can easily do it with the help of Jiofi 2.

6.Jiofi Speed is fast or not as compared to phone?

Its speed depends on your area, how does Jio speed in your area.
The better the speed will fast end your net.It depends on the strength in your area, If strength is good then Speed ​​will be good.

If we put a SIM in the mobile and compare then almost the speed will same,
But the main difference is that you get a Didactic device
And you can free the phone, and also connects to more than one device,Slightly better performance from phone.

7.Good for pubg or not?

You will not be able to play pubg using this.Speed ​​is not so good that Pubg can play live stream. If you are thinking of buying it only for the pubg, then do not buy it. For Pubg, you can research around you, buy what is good for Pubg.

8.Battery charging and discharge time?

Jio takes 2 to 3 hours to charge, If you use it continuously, then it takes 6 to 8 hours to be discharged. If you keep it closed then it keeps maintain the battery.Even if you keep it closed for 4 to 5 days, you will not have any problem.

9.Coverage of network?

Talking about its network coverage, it has good speed from 20 to 30 feet.
You will not face any problem till 20-30 feet. Your net will do well.If the strength is good then the speed will be good also.

10.We shall buy jiofi or not?

Friends, this is my advice if any company or telecom operator is like this who providing Wi-Fi. So you should install wifi. Because in this you will get unlimited data from 600 to 700 rs.

Hope you know jiofi m2s review and it’s features from this article.

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