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What is Linux operating system

As you all know, today is the time of technological revolution, new gadgets or electronic devices are coming in the market every day. This has affected our lifestyle a lot, people are using gadgets for communication and employment, we are telling you this. Also can’t deny that it is not only because of electronic gadgets that revolution has emerged and we have got acquainted with many new things.

These gadgets are actually like mini computers, in which some special programs are put in how that device will work and the operating system is used in gadgets to make these programs work. No matter what gadgets you are using. Take it, from smartphone to car to supercomputer to home desktop to database server, operating system is present everywhere in the digital world. Which is used in most electronic devices and the name of that OS is Linux, even though we do not know about it, but we are always using it. It has been more than 30 years since Linux was made in the 1990’s. Since the middle, it came first among us and since then due to its usefulness, it is ruling in almost all devices and will continue to do so, most of the people do not know much about Linux operating system. So we take this article in which you have come All information related to Nax will be given.

What is Linux

Linux is also an operating system like Windows, iOS and Mac OS. Operating system one is an interface between a computer’s use and the computer’s hardware in which the user can easily interact with the computer.

OS is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs without an OS the software cannot function. Linux is the most popular and multi-operating system that can be connected to your desktop and laptop. Manages all hardware resources

Linux is a very popular version of the Unix operating system, it is a free and open source software, which means that a developer can modify the free Linux coding on the Internet and use it for personal use.

Linux operating system was originally developed for personal computers, but later this operating system is used in many platforms such as mobile smart TVs and even vehicles. Linux is similar to Unix operating system. system and it is most commonly used in server and computer system devices.

Who created Linux and when?

The Linux operating system was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and released by at&t Labor Trees under the General Public License (GPL). When Linus was a student at the University of Helsinki, he was using a version of the Unix operating system called Minix OS. When Linux and some users found that by making some changes to Minix, this OS could work even better, then they requested its creator Andrew Tennenbaum to make modifications and improvements in Minix that this change is not necessary and he did not change it this was the time

When Linus decided to create his own operating system that would take into account user comments and suggestions, Linus, a C programming student, started writing courts in C language. About 95% of the Linux OS’s code was written in C and the rest. Coding He wrote in assembly language and other languages ​​After coding, Linus named that operating system Linux by adding his first name and Unix’s name. Linux was designed to be Unix friendly, so many functionalities are similar to Unix. Is

Linux and Unix are similar in many respects but Unix is ​​not free whereas Linux is available for free, apart from this, Linux is a very reliable operating system for computer systems because it gives good security features that allow user’s files and data to be encrypted files. Provides features such as password protection and control axis

How many components does Linux have?

The main three components of Linux operating system are hardware kernel shell system utility


The first component is the hardware in which peripheral devices such as RAM, hard disk drive and CPU together form the hardware layer for the Linux operating system.


Kernel is the core part of Linux. It is responsible for all the major activities of the operating system. It interacts directly with the internal hardware. The kernel serves to hide the details for the hardware in the system or application program.


A cell is an interface between the user and the kernel. It hides the complexity of the kernel’s functions from the user. It accepts commands from the user and takes action on them.


system utility

System utility provides services to the user to use functions similar to operating system

Best Features of Linux

Linux operating system is much better than other OS and it has many features but here we will tell about few features about which you all should know But is available absolutely free to use, which any user can modify the operating system according to their own, through this we can increase the functionality of this OS and make it better.

Portability is one of the main features in Linux operating system which made Linux so popular among its users but portability does not mean that this system is small in size of file and can be carried in size of pen drive directly. No, instead the portability here means that Linux OS applications can work on different types of hardware in the same way.

Linux kernel and application application programs support their installation even at very minimal configuration, so you can restore life on your old computer

Linux is a multi-user and multiprogramming operating system in which more than one user can simultaneously access and use a computer’s hardware.

Multitasking feature is also available in Linux so that a user can put more than one program at the same time and can run this software.

Linux security is a very important part of any OS for those organizations or users who are using the system for their confidential work Linux provides many security concepts to its users to protect their data and system from unauthorized access. It is completely trouble free operating system and it does not have any problem like virus and malware which can slow down your computer speed.

Thousands of companies and governments in the world are using Linux operating system because of its affordable low cost license and time and money companies like Google Amazon and Facebook use Linux to protect their servers because it is highly reliable stable OS Linux It is used not only in personal computers laptops and chromebooks, but also in small gadgets like PDAs, mobile phones, smart watches, digital storage devices, cameras, weddings.

Linux is used in many electronic devices like Dell laptop Google Android phone HP laptop Lenovo laptop Motorola phone etc. I hope you have got the information about what is Linux and what are its features from this article.

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